Whole Wheat Momos with Mixed Sprouts and Broccoli Filling

Whole Wheat Momos with Mixed Sprouts and Broccoli Filling

May 24, 2017Shalini Santhosh Kumar

Momos are undoubtedly every child’s favourite food. The typical recipe is made from refined flour & cabbage sautéed in oodles of oil. Here is our recipe, an attempt to make a super healthy version of Momos made of whole wheat and oil-free. The filling used is a protein-rich bean sprouts and antioxidant-rich broccoli to meet the calcium needs of your growing child. Follow the exact procedure to make the healthiest & yummiest momos ever!

Preparation Time: 15 mins
Total Cooking Time: 10 Mins
Serving Size: 10-12 Momos


Whole Wheat Flour - 3/4th cup
Lemon/AmlaPowder - 1 or 1/2 spoon Amla Powder
Blanched & Finely Chopped Broccoli - 1/2 cup
Steamed Azuki and Green Moong bean Sprouts - 1 + 1/2 cup
Ginger paste - 1/2 Tsp
Pepper powder - 1 pinch
Finely chopped garlic - 1 Tsp
Dates puree (do not use sugar for babies) - 1 Tbsp
Cold pressed Oil of your choice - 3 Tsp

Suggestion: For toddlers use very low amount of salt, about half pinch of and preferably rock salt

Refer to a detailed procedure on sprouting whole grains on this blog.


  1. Combine the whole wheat flour and a little salt (optional) or lemon and 2 tsps oil in a deep bowl, mix well and knead into a soft dough using enough water. Cover the dough in vessel, and keep aside to rest for 15-20 mins. Using oil will keep the momos soft since we are not using maida.
  2. For the filling, combine the finely chopped broccoli, bean sprouts, ginger paste, pepper powder, garlic, dates puree and salt (optional) or lemon/amla powder in a bowl and mix well. Keep the stuffing aside.
  3. Divide the dough into 12 equal small portions
  4. Roll out a portion of the dough into a circle using a little whole wheat flour for rolling and place 1 tbsp of the prepared stuffing in the center of the circle.
  5. Fold over to make a semi-circle and press the edges lightly with your fingers to seal it.
  6. Bring both the corners of the semi-circle one over the other and again pinch it with your fingers to seal it together.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 to make more momos.
  8. Brush a little bit of oil on the momos before steaming. It will keep it hot and shining. It will also avoid the momos being stuck to the vessel.
  9. Steam the momos in a steamer for 15 minutes. You can use an idli cooker or idli steamer to make these as well.
  10. Surprise your child and serve it immediately with fresh mint leaves (pudina) chutney. 

A few things to note:

1. Since its made of whole wheat , it is important to consume it immediately and as its hot. Cold momos may get hard with a rough texture

2. Ensure you cook is a few mins extra to get the whole wheat completely cooked

3. You can also make the dough using part maida + part whole wheat. This may make it more softer and a closer resemblance to the traditional momos

Try them and give us your feedback on this yummy dish.



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