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Frequently Asked Questions

It's really simple. We accumulate a list of all the orders for the day and manufacture the required quantity to be dispatched. Some of the easier recipes get made the same day, while some recipes are more complex and take a day to make them. Once the batch is ready, they are all sealed, stamped and packed by our mom squad. So literally your little one's food and snacks are made right as you order, just like how your mom or grandmother would make it for you when you ask them to :-

All Early Foods products are made with smart techniques and ingredients that naturally increase shelf life. We roast all our grains & nuts to ensure minimal moisture content in the final food products. We seal the food products in a 3 layer Aluminium laminated pouch that completely locks and keeps any moiture or contaminants away, thereby keeping it good for 4 months.

Once you receive our products, please store them in a clean, dry air tight container at room temperature. It is not necessary to refrigerate them, but you can store all products (except laddoos) in the refrigerator to increase shelf life by 3-4 weeks. Also, check for the use-by date stamped on the box or pouch and ensure to finish off by then.

Yes, there is 0% sugar, salt or milk powder added to our porridge mixes. The sweetness in some of the porridges comes naturally from dried dates powder

Porridge Mixes, Chutney Powders, Dry Dates Powder, Multi-grain Atta Mixes, Healthy Munchies all last for 4 months from date of manufacture. Once the pack is opened, you need to consume the Cookies & Bread Sticks need to be consumed within 1 months from manufacturing.

We are a team of 50+ women and men! We love what we do and are here to make the next generations healthier :-)

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