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1. Who creates the baby food, toddler foods and pre-natal recipes?

Parents who make suggestions, food industry professionals, healthcare professionals who are advisors to Early Foods, the socially responsible businesswomen who run the company.

2. Are all products from Early Foods free from preservatives and Artificial Flavours?

Yes, we do not add any preservatives or artificial flavours, flavour enhancers to any of our products. These are freshly made on order from natural ingredients grown organically in India.

3. Are all baby foods from Early Foods free from Sugar, Salt and Milk Powder?

Yes, there is 0% sugar, salt or milk powder added to our baby porridge mixes. The sweetness comes naturally from dried dates powder or jaggery.

4. Are Early Food products certified organic?

Early Foods, our company is currently not certified organic. However we procure all raw food materials from organically certified vendors who source locally from farmers around Maharashtra and Karnataka. Except the dry fruits and seeds are imported from outside India.

5. Are there any raising agents used for Early Foods cookies and biscotti's?

Our cookies and biscotti's are a labour of months of experiments and research on techniques to create the perfect recipe. These are made from whole grains that do not require soda or baking powder or preservatives. They are 100% chemical free and additive free

6. Are all Early Food products made from whole grains?

Yes, we create all our porridge mixes, cookies and biscottis from organic whole grains, millets, cereals & pulses.

7. What is the expiry of Early Food products?

Porridge Mixes, Chutney Powders,Dry Dates Powder, Multi-grain Atta Mixes, Healthy Munchies all last for 2 months from date of manufacture.

Cookies, Biscottis and Bread Sticks need to be consumed within 1 month of manufacturing.

Sugarfree Laddoos needs to be consumed within 2 weeks from date of manufacturing

8. How should I store Early Food products?

Once you receive our products, please store them in a clean, dry air tight container at room temperature.

It is not necessary to refrigerate them, but you can store all products (except laddoos) in the refrigerator to increase shelf life by 3-4 weeks.

9. How long will it take to receive my order?

All products will be freshly prepared after you place your order online. So it will take 1-2 days to dispatch your products after you order online. Depending on your location, the shipment will reach you within 3-5 days from date of order.

10. Do you ship products outside India?

Currently we do not ship our products outside India. Incase you need them, we can deliver it to your friends/family in India and are travelling to your country. Kindly make an order at least 7 days prior (excluding weekends) to their travel so that the shipment reaches on time.



Early Foods wins the National Entrepreneurship Award 2019

In the fourth edition of the National Entrepreneurship Awards (NEA), the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has awarded Early Foods Pvt Ltd for significantly contributing to entrepreneurship and development.