Our Story

Early Foods Vision

Early Foods is a mom-founded premium organic food company that envisions to feed natural, fresh and chemical free food to our children. When founder Shalini a new mom, struggled to find healthy food options for her own baby, she found her purpose: to re-introduce the traditional Indian foods for people at the most crucial stage of their lives - expecting mothers, breast-feeding mothers, infants and children who are beginning to develop their taste buds and also building their body that would frame a healthy life in future.

We at Early Foods are committed to make your little one's first experiences with food positive. The first 1,000 Days are critical to creating a healthy wellness blueprint, so we introduce delicious organic ingredients and beneficial natural nutrients that nourish the body and shape a healthy relationship with food early on.

Our products are inspired from traditional Indian recipes, our ways of cooking and consuming food. So we craft all our food products to be natural, fresh and completely free from any artificial flavours, colours, supplements, preservatives and any sort of chemicals.

We strongly believe and promote that a happy & healthy start leads to a happier future.