How to select the best bananas for your family?

How to select the best bananas for your family?

Jan 18, 2017Shalini Santhosh Kumar

Banana's are available in plenty throughout the year in every corner of India. Its a fruit that is filling when you are hungry, full of fibre and nutrients when eaten ripe. Unfortunately to meet the demand, there are some vendors who unethically processes and artificially ripen the raw bananas using carbide or ethylene gas. Of course this will be harmful over a period of time as these chemicals do leech into the fruit.

Banana's that are fully ripened naturally have a uniform dark yellow colour from the base to the tip and also may have a few black spots.

Selecting Bananas - Early Foods - Conscious Eating
Whereas artificially ripened banana's will have a green tip and rest of the fruit will be lighter yellow and have little or no spots.

The naturally ripened ones are more often softer and sweeter in taste too.

We hope this post has brought in more awareness and helped you select better food for your family. Please share it so that we can all voice out against these harmful practices.

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