Are we using Plastics Safely at Home?

Are we using Plastics Safely at Home?

Feb 20, 2017Shalini Santhosh Kumar

Are we really using plastics safely in our home?

In this era of plastics which have invaded our homes, right from using them first thing in the morning as tooth brushes, plastic lunch boxes, beverage cups, toys, sleeping mattresses. They are everywhere. They are no doubt one of the greatest inventions, but when it comes to using it for our food and drinks, do we all really know how to use them safely? Did you know, plastic toxins actually slowly release into the food
it touches? Toxins release 55 times faster at higher temperatures, and yet we blindly heat our food in plastic containers in a microwave or pack hot food into plastic lunch boxes.

For me, I used to blindly sanitize my son's plastic feeding bottles in boiling water for 10-15 mins. The germs were killed for sure, but I was unknowingly making way for all the chemicals to enter his milk.

Plastics look colourful and are nodoubt fun for our children to carry, easy for all of us dipose and clean, but if we use them wrongly, they can cause serious health issues. They are not immediate but prolonged use of them for food and beverages can make us all sick.

This video has been created, especially for parents to understand the do's and dont's while using plastics at home. We are passionate about food and health,especially for the next generation of kids, so hopefully it will create a lot of awareness for you to use plastic safely at home.

Share the information with as many more parents as you can.

I have shared a few research papers to support the video recommendations below.…/2008/jan/30/…/now-they-want-you-to-microwav……/plastic-not-fantastic…/

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