Whole Wheat and Almond Porridge Mix

Whole Wheat and Almond Porridge Mix

Mar 10, 2017Shalini Santhosh Kumar
Wheat is a staple food for all of us. Rich in protein and fibre, makes an excellent first food for the baby too. The recipe makes it more nutritious by adding some almonds. The thing about kids is that they eat less and move a lot, and hence require power foods that have the capacity to provide high energy in small meals. And dry fruits can do that in a great way!
So here is our recipe for Wheat Almond Porridge.. This can be made instant and it becomes a home made cerelac for you :-) 
Whole Wheat Grains - 250gms
Almonds - 50gms
Cardamom - 2 pods
1. Wash and Dry the whole wheat grains
2. Roast the wheat grains slowly for about 20 mins on a medium flame.
3. Add in chopped almond and roast it will too.
4. You can say its done, once you can get a crunchy bite of the grains.
5. Once it cools, grind the mixture to make a fine powder. Here you can add 1 cardamom pod or elaichi for a natural flavour
5. Sieve the wheat porridge mi to remove the coarser husk
6. Store powder in a airtight container or a refrigerator
Recipe to prepare Wheat Almond Porridge Mix

1. Take 2-3 teaspoons of the powder
2. Mix it in 40-50 ml hot water.
3. Stir to make a smooth paste and serve warm
4. Add more water to adjust for consistency
5. Add jaggery or dry dates powder to slightly sweeten the porridge. Its optional. You can buy dry dates powder from our website and naturally sweeten the porridge.
If you are a super busy mom and would love to buy our home made instant wheat almond date porridge mix , check out our store. This is for babies older than 8 months. For 6 month babies, you can try our whole wheat & carrot porridge mix.

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  • Can you give this with formula milk ?


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