Ragi Butter Milk - A cool calcium rich summer drink

Ragi Butter Milk - A cool calcium rich summer drink

Apr 16, 2017Shalini Santhosh Kumar
Its summer already and the heat really drains out a lot of energy. Our kids come back home from school or play and are super thirsty and tired. Instead of offering a packed juice try giving them this tasty ragi butter milk. Butter milk as you know hydrates and cools the body. When you add Ragi, it just takes it to a new level by adding a good amount of minerals too..

Method 1:

Cooking Time: Less than 2 mins


  • Instant Ragi Flour (This Ragi flour will be pre-roasted and ready to eat). Click to buy
  • Butter Milk
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil, mustard seeds, Udad Dal, Curry Leaves for seasoning


  • To a glass of buttermilk, add salt and 2 tsps of Instant Ragi flour and mix well to remove all lumps. Keep aside.
  • Then heat a small pan, add oil, mustard seeds, udal dal, curry leaves and season it will till they begin to sputter.
  • Add this delicious seasoning to the ragi butter milk and serve chilled.

You can make Instant Ragi flour at home yourself. You will need to buy the whole ragi grains, wash & sundry. Roast the grains for 15-20 mins till it crackles when you bite them. Cool the grain, grind them to a fine powder. Sieve & Store for all your recipe innovations:-)

Now if you are a busy parent or really not someone who like to work in the kitchen. You can buy 100% organic instant ragi flour, free from sugar, salt, milk powder chemicals, pesticides and added flavors, directly from our store - where we have done all the hard work for you & your little one :-)



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