Dry Fruits Powder for Babies & Kids - To Help Weight Gain & Immunity

Dry Fruits Powder for Babies & Kids - To Help Weight Gain & Immunity

Jul 25, 2017Shalini Santhosh Kumar

Dry Fruits Powder is a simple mixture of 5 different common dry fruits and seeds. Since dry fruits are rich in healthy fats, proteins, omega 6's its known to help in weight gain and improve immunity in children.

Most parents try to make this mixture at home but get frustrated as it can get a little clumpy and oily. This is because the dry fruits leave out a lot of oil when churned at high speed.

This recipe includes makhana or fox nuts or lotus seeds that are extremely light and non-oily. This is a secret ingredient when added to the remaining dry fruits absorbs all the oil and keeps the powder fine and dry.

Check out the video for a quick review. The detailed recipe is also available below for your reference.


Almonds - 50g
Pistachios - 50g
Cashews - 50g
Walnuts - 20g
Lotus seeds/makhana - 10g
Saffron/kesar - 1g
Cardamom - 3 pods without the skin


1) Place a non-stick pan on low flame, roast the almonds, pistachios, cashews & walnuts together for about 10-15 once roasted, set aside to cool.

2) Roast lotus seeds/makhana separately for at least 15 mins. Let it all cool.

3) Grind them all together in an electric blender adding saffron & cardamom to form a fine powder in regular intervals.

4) Sieve the mixture, if any of the mixture remains in the sieve, put it in a smaller size blender and grind. Sieve the mixture again.

5) Fill it in a dry glass jar and store it in fridge.

Quick Tips:

1) Blend roasted dry-fruits in regular intervals so the walnuts do not leave their oil and make it completely moist.

2) It is important to roast makhana separately as it takes much longer than dry-fruits to roast. Always blend after its cooled down only.

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  • Taking dry fruits every day keeps us strong and healthy. Even including these dry fruits in the preparation of sweets make savor taste. You can gift dry fruit assorted chocolates for your friends. On a small occasion, I have purchased dry fruits and nuts from Nutraj with Saveplus Coupons, which can be gifted to people of all ages.

  • Hello can u please tell me that how much n how many times this dry fruits powder should be given to 14 months old baby?


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