Early Foods - Organic Baby Foods Product Review by Yamini

Healthy Home cooked Goodness for Babies and Toddlers

Jan 21, 2017Bhavita Shah

Most of the time, we mothers are locking our imaginary horns with our kids over battle of wills. Sometimes it’s about the TV, Other times it’s the homework. But there’s one thing that is a constant ongoing battle. And that is of food. We are constantly on our toes to get the right amount of nutrients in our kids’ bodies and they, being the born smart generation that they are, are constantly finding new ways to dodge us.

Our woes don’t end here. Planning a balanced diet which is fresh, home cooked and tasty too is a head banging exercise. Here is where Early Foods steps in. 

Read the whole experience by Yamini who found our products through a social media group and how her little kids enjoyed our healthy bites!


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