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Trial Pack - Dry Fruits & Seeds Powder for Kids

A freshly prepared mixture of 7 dry fruits & seeds, is finely grounded to make a fine powder. Best for super active kids who need nutrient dense foods

This nuts powder is a Stage 2 food, best for kids who have eaten all grains & nuts previously.

Sunflower Seeds 40%, Cashew 20%, Almonds 17%, Pumpkin Seeds 16.50%, Pista 3%, walnut 3%, Turmeric 0.30%, Nutmeg 0.20% and nothing else 

The ingredients all add up to 100%, and there is nothing to hide. No secrets. No Junk. Because a mom deserves to know :-)

Regular Dry Fruit Powder
* Is Highly Processed
* Is manufactured several months ago
* Contains Maltodextrin, starches
Early Foods Dry Fruit & Seeds Powder are
* Minimally processed
* Made into a powder after washing & roasting the nuts & Seeds
* Freshly made everyday in small batches
* Made from traditional ingredients from an Indian kitchen, zero additives
* No Milk Powder, Salt, Sugar or Maltodextrin


This dry fruits powder contains Nuts & Seeds are great sources of good fats & protein for your kids. Good fats not only help in weight gain, but also are greatly beneficial for the brain and nervous system development

* Sprinkle it on porridges & cereals
* Add a spoon to your chapati dough
* Add them to your milk shakes, kheer, halwa etc

Transfer into a clean container once you open the pack. No refrigeration needed. Shelf life is 4 months from the date of manufacturing. Consume before 2 month from opening the pack.