Pack of 3 - Lunch Porridge Combo

Meal time is easier & yummier with multigrain millet porridge mixes and with the goodness of dates & almonds, inspired by Traditional Indian Wisdom

Grains & Nuts High Protein
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More on the Product

Who is it for?

It’s a Stage 2 food, best for little ones who have eaten all grains & nuts previously, easy to cook & sugar free porridge mix. Millets are scientifically proven to help in weight gain. So this recipe is ideal for kids to support their growth.

What are the ingredients?
Pack 1: Whole Kapli Gehu/Emmer Wheat Flour 80%, Dates 12.9%, Almonds 7%, Cardamom 0.05%, Nutmeg 0.05%

Pack 2: Hand-pounded Rajamudi Red Rice 37%, Yellow Moong Dal 37%, Kodo Millet/Kodra 25%, Pepper 0.5%, Ajwain 0.25%, Jeera 0.25% and Nothing Else

Pack 3: Sprouted Ragi/Naachni/Finger Millet 74%, Dates 9%, Yellow Moong Dal 6.95%, Almonds 5%, Sun-dried Carrot Powder 5%, Nutmeg 0.03%, Cardamom 0.02% and nothing else 

The ingredients all add up to 100%, and there is nothing to hide. No secrets. No Junk. Because a mom deserves to know :-)
How is Early Foods different?
Regular cereals or Porridge Mixes

* Contain highly processed milk powder
* Is manufactured several months ago
* Contain Maltodextrin, refined sugar, hydrogenated fats, emulsifiers, starches & thickeners

Early Foods porridges are simple, traditional & 100% clean

* Freshly made everyday in small batches
* Made from traditional ingredients from an Indian kitchen, zero additives
* No Milk Powder, Salt, Sugar or Maltodextrin
What are its Nutritional Benefits?

Made from Khapli Gehu or Emmer wheat which an ancient grain, low on gluten, high on protein. A traditional recipe re-invented with multigrain millets, nuts & seeds to make it a nutrient dense meal for growing kids. Ragi or Naachni is an ancient millet known for its high calcium and fibre. Dates/Khajoor are a powerhouse of iron and fibre

How to use?
* Creamy Porridge - Cook with water or milk, ready in 5 mins
* Instant Dosa/Pancake - Make a batter with water, salt, spices and make crispy dosa
* Roll into Laddoos - Roast it with ghee, jaggery and nuts powder and make yummy laddoos. Homemade foods are best for your little ones.
Storage & Shelf Life

Best before 4 months from MFD. Consume before 1 month from opening the pack. Best to store in a dry steel or glass airtight container.

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