Assorted Snacks Pack of 4 - Ragi & Ajwain Sticks + Jowar & Amaranth Cookies

Your kids snack time is fun & wholesome with our in Millet cookies/sticks. Made from with millets, butter, nuts & jaggery, its truly nourishing!

Butter Good Fats
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More on the Product

Who is it for?

Millet cookies/sticks are for little ones who can chew well. When your little ones have 4-6 teeth, its a great snack to start to support their ability to eat independently as finger foods. Otherwise, who says cookies are only for kids! These sugar free biscuits & no maida are for everyone, kids, parents & grandparents :-) Enjoy your snack time together

What are the ingredients?

Jowar Almond Cookies: Whole Millet Flour 24% (Little Millet/Saame 12%, Jowar 12%), Powdered Dry Fruits & Seeds 18% (Dates 6%, Almonds 5%, Sunflower Seeds 4%, Cashews 3%), Butter 17%, Jaggery 14%, Barley 12%, Un-Polished Red Rice 12%, Ghee 2.98%, Turmeric 0.02% and nothing else

Whole Millet Flour 39% (Ragi/Naachni 22%, Little Millet/Saame 7%, Jowar 7%, Amaranth/Rajgira 3%), Powdered Dry Fruits & Seeds 16% (Dates 5%, Sunflower Seeds 5%, Almonds 3%, Cashews 3%), Butter 16%, Jaggery 15%, Barley 6%, Un-Polished Red Rice 6%, Ghee 1.99%, Turmeric 0.01% and nothing else

Ajwain Sticks : Whole Wheat flour 60%, Cold Pressed Groundnut oil 14%, Jaggery 13.9%, Dry Fruits 9% (Sunflower Seeds 3%, Almonds 3%, Cashews 3%), Ajwain 1%, Jeera1%, Rock Salt 1%, Turmeric 0.1% & nothing else.

Ragi Sticks : Whole Wheat Flour 40%,Ragi/Finger Millet 15%, Cold-pressed Groundnut Oil 14%, Dry Fruits 14% (Sesame Seeds 6%, Sunflower Seeds 4%, Almonds 2%, Cashews 2%), Jaggery 12%, Amaranth 2%, Ajwain 1%, Jeera 1%, Rock Salt 0.99%, Turmeric 0.01% and nothing else.

The ingredients all add up to 100%, and there is nothing to hide. No secrets. No Junk. Because a mom deserves to know :-)

How is Early Foods different?

Regular Biscuits/Cookies/Teethers

* Contains Maida and Refined Sugar
* Contains Maltodextrin, Emulsifier, Artificial Flavours and Colours
* Contains Hydrogenated Fats & Transfats


Early Foods Millet Jaggery Cookies/Teethers

* Zero Maida, Zero Refined Sugar so Zero Tension for you parents
* No Maltodextrin or any additives. Only made from ingredients that your grandma can understand
* Sweetened with Jaggery, Baked with Butter and Nourished with Nuts & Millets
* Freshly made everyday in small batches
What are its Nutritional Benefits?

Millets are a great source of fibre & minerals like Calcium, Iron & Vitamin B. These Jaggery biscuits are baked with Butter & nuts, Early Foods cookies become a great source of food fats too and also making it a great school snacks for kids. Good fats are important for kids not just to support weight gain, but also help in brain development!

How to use?
* Make them your child's partner after playtime, story time or study time
* Or just hand them over a few Millet cookies when they are hungry
* Pack them as school snacks for kids and ofcourse carry them to your office lunch box too! Its for everyone!
Storage & Shelf Life

Best before 4 months from MFD. Consume before 1 month from opening the pack. Best to store in a dry steel or glass airtight container.

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