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Wood Pressed Oils

Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

100% Groundnuts crushed by wood, without heat or solvents to get rich, golden groundnut oil.

The cold-pressed oils are for everyone in the family. Kids, Parents, Grandparents, Its for everyone.

Early Foods Cold Pressed oils will now be your secret ingredient that has added top notch flavour & nutrition

100% Groundnuts & Nothing Else

Regular Oils

* Highly refined and stripped of the real nutrients
* Excessive Heat, Solvents, Bleaches used in the process of extraction

Early Foods Cold Pressed Oils

* Simple technique of cold-press technology
* No heat, solvents, bleaches used in the process of extraction
* Freshly made everyday in small batches

100% Pure Cold Pressed Oil are a great source of Saturated and UnSaturated Fats.

This woodpressed groundnut oils are minimal processing & cold press technology keeps all the nutrition Intact.

You can use them as Cooking Oils, Deep Frying, Sauting & Tempering

Best before 6 months from the date of manufacturing.