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Almond Drink Mix

Milk time can be fun & wholesome with the goodness of Almonds & Dates. Enjoy it with a hot glass of milk in the morning or at bed-time.

This Badam milk powder/milk mix Recommended for big kids who now can gulp up a glass of milk before their school or at bed-time.

This is also great for new mother & expecting mothers too who are needed to drink milk to meet their nutritional requirements.

Sulphurless Traditional Mishri/Kallusakkare 52%, Dates 27%, Almonds 18%, Dry Ginger 1%, Turmeric 1% & Cardamom 1% and nothing else.

The ingredients all add up to 100%, and there is nothing to hide. No secrets. No Junk. Because a mom deserves to know :-)

Regular Health Drinks

* Contain over 80% white sugar
* Contains Refined Flour or Maida
* Is manufactured several months ago
* Contains Maltodextrin, starches, emulsifiers, colours and preservatives

Early Foods Almond Drink is

* Contains Traditional Raw Mishri, No Maida
* Contains Dry Ginger & Turmeric that is known to help Milk digest better as per Ayurveda
* Made from traditional ingredients from an Indian kitchen, zero additives
* Maltodextrin, starches, emulsifiers or artificial flavours

Almonds are great sources of good fats & protein for your kids. The dried dates are not only natural sweeteners but also a powerhouse of iron.

Add 2 Tsp of the Drink Mix to hot milk. Stir up well and relish this almond drink for kids and everybody else.

Transfer into a clean container once you open the pack. No refrigeration needed.

Shelf life is 4 months from the date of manufacturing. Consume before 2 month from opening the pack.