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Family Nutrition

Mysore Farmers - Rajamudi Red Rice 1 Kg

Rajamudi Rice grown, harvested and procured for you directly from the farmers of Mysore & Hassan

Rajamudi Red Rice is a rare and unique breed of rice has an ancient history. It was grown & harvested for the royal family of Mysore Maharajas. The growing demand for white rice has reduced this breed to be grown by just small group of farmers. We need to conserve this breed of unique rice that is full of nutrients.

How to use it?

Soak the grains for 30 mins to an hour. Cook it just like normal rice, directly or in a pressure cooker. It becomes so soft, smells wonderful and of course, it's full of nutrients - fiber, antioxidants, iron, etc. 

Enjoy it with Dal, or make a yummy pulao, khichdi, soak them to make red rice idli/dosa batter, Bisi bele bath, etc. Just use it as a replacement for white rice.