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Food Adventure Story Books for Baby & Toddlers

The Missing Ragi Idlis

Rudra and Shuddhi were asked to serve breakfast to Grandma. The kids set up a perfect plate of hot Ragi Idlis for their dear Grandma.
Just when they went to call Grandma for breakfast, the Ragi Idlis went missing! Where did the idlis go? Find out yourself

Our Baby Food Adventure Children's Story Books Aims at Teaching the Nutritional Values our Indian Foods have while creating fun memories & experiences through stories, cartoons, etc. - to make them begin to love & respect our traditional foods, just like we did.

Our Food Adventure Stories Aims at Teaching Young Children:

  • About Traditional Indian Foods: Food Stories about delicious and ancient foods like Ragi Idli's, Poori, Khichdi, Rasam, Kaadha/Kashayam, etc. make them curious to enjoy them when made at home.
  • Engages Kids with enthusiasm in all activities related to cooking, chopping, cutting, serving food, etc.
  • To explore new foods when they hear about the exciting conversations told in the stories in our Children's Books
  • Prevents and reverses picky eating habits when these short story for kids creates fun memories and experiences of food early on
  • Food Vocabulary to help them describe their perspective on food and Thick Laminated sheets with Board Cover Books which makes them non-tearable books for kids and toddlers

Book Details:

  • No. of Pages: 16 Pages
  • Hard Case Book, Laminated Thick Sheets suitable for baby & toddlers - Not Easy to Tear