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Food Adventure Story Books for Baby & Toddlers

Pack of 3 - Food Adventure Children Story Books (Rasam for Running Nose, The Missing Ragi Idli's & Amma's Magic Tonic)

Our Baby Food Adventure Children's Story Books Aims at Teaching the Nutritional Values our Indian Foods have while creating fun memories & experiences through stories, cartoons, etc. - to make them begin to love & respect our traditional foods, just like we did.


Our Food Adventure Stories Aims at Teaching Young Children:

  • About Traditional Indian Foods: Food Stories about delicious and ancient foods like Ragi Idli's, Poori, Khichdi, Rasam, Kaadha/Kashayam, etc. make them curious to enjoy them when made at home.
  • Engages Kids with enthusiasm in all activities related to cooking, chopping, cutting, serving food, etc.
  • To explore new foods when they hear about the exciting conversations told in the stories in our Children's Books
  • Prevents and reverses picky eating habits when these short story for kids creates fun memories and experiences of food early on
  • Food Vocabulary to help them describe their perspective on food and Thick Laminated sheets with Board Cover Books which makes them non-tearable books for kids and toddlers

Book Details:

  • No of Books : 3
  • No. of Pages: 16 Pages
  • Hard Case Book, Laminated Thick Sheets suitable for baby & toddlers - Not Easy to Tear