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Food Adventure Story Books for Baby & Toddlers

Khichdi for Growing Up!

An amazing food adventure story for kids that teach & excite them about our delicious & good old Khichdi.

Children from the age of 1 year to 5 Years, to get them introduced to food & also make them excited about our traditional Indian homecooked foods through these food story books for kids.

10-12 Pages Children's Book

This India's first Food Adventure Stories with the vision of making kids absolutely excited about Indian foods cooked at home. Why should Noodles, Pasta, Sandwiches take away all the joy & excitement from our Indian recipes :-) Dont you agree too?

* Helps Reverse Picky Eating in children & supports you to get them excited about homecooked Indian Foods.
* Introduces them to our yummy Indian Recipes through these baby food story books.
* These books for kids and babies helps them engage in cooking chores with love & excitement

Read these bedtime stories for kids aloud with them during your story times. Use the beautiful pictures of food to teach them about ingredients & the process of cooking in the kitchen.

Forever in your homes & hearts :-)