LittleFoodDiary 4.5/5 Rating for Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for Kids

LittleFoodDiary 4.5/5 Rating for Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for Kids

Mar 20, 2018Vijayalakshmi Nagaraj

It's very humbling to hear what parents & children have to say about our products always

We created our organic jaggery cookies after 4-5 months of experimenting with whole grain flour, jaggery & dry fruits. We just did not want to compromise on the ingredients used, because it is for little children.

Babies are building their body with the food they consume. So its super important that they only eat fresh, pure & chemical free foods. We stand by this guideline in every product we create for your little ones.

That being said, check out what the mom at LittleFoodDiary has to say after reviewing our jaggery biscuits.

"My children love biscuits in any form and tese will be no exception. In my house, Early Foods cookies were an equally big hit with the adults"

"The jaggery flavour is very distinctive and seeps through even in the chocolate variant. And the result is still very pleasing."

Read the complete review of our organic Jaggery cookies here. 

The blog also has many interesting baby food recipes that you can try out. Do visit the page and if you are convinced, dont forget to order the yummy finger food snacks at Early Foods.



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