Are BPA-Free Plastics Still Safe?

Are BPA-Free Plastics Still Safe?

Feb 20, 2017Shalini Santhosh Kumar

BPA or Bisphenol-A is a chemical added to plastics to make them tougher and clear or transparent. Its been used extensively over 40 yrs in the plastic industry. However, in the last decade there were numerous studies around how significant exposure to BPA via use of plastics is cause a lot of hormonal issues especially in children. The results were so strong that, FDA banned use of BPA in plastics in 2012 in baby food storage products.

However the word BPA-Free has caught on, and we see a number of plastic range of bottles that come with the tag "BPA-Free". We are so excited that these are now finally safe for use and proudly use them and sometimes even advice others to go for "BPA-Free plastics"

But have you once questioned, what could be the replacement for BPA? A chemical so widely used for 40 yrs was quickly replaced without the quality of plastics being altered.

Check the video on what the new product replacement is. Is this additive safe? And decide whether we should still use plastic regularly at least for food/drink storage.

Sharing some links that were used as source/reference materials:

Please share the message to all your friends and families. Lets together make a shift towards a healthier and safer living for us and most importantly our children.

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