10 Wholesome Ragi Recipes for Babies & Kids

10 Wholesome Ragi Recipes for Babies & Kids

Apr 17, 2017Shalini Santhosh Kumar

In our fast moving lives and heavily advertised world, we have somehow begun to majorly consume just 2-3 varieties of grains which is “Wheat, Rice and Dal or Pulses” as a part of our daily diet. When actually India is blessed with an ability to grow a huge variety of crops. Millets is one of those forgotten crops, whose nutrition value is simply unmatchable to whole wheat or rice. In this blog, we will just focus on “Ragi” or “Finger Millet” which is sort of gaining popularity these days because of it high calcium content. And therefore makes it a great option for kids.

So here are 10 Easy, Simple & Nutritious Ragi Recipes for you to make for your children :-). Click on the link.

  1. Sprouted Ragi Porridge
  2. Ragi Seviyyan
  3. Ragi Balls (especially for Pregnant & Nursing Mothers)
  4. Ragi & Millet Dosa (Using No Rice)
  5. Ragi & Millet Idli (Using No Rice)
  6. Ragi Rotti or Ragi Chappati
  7. Ragi in Butter Milk for the Summers
  8. Sugar Free Ragi Cookies
  9. Sugar Free Ragi Choco Coconut Blocks
  10. Sugar Free Instant Ragi & Dry Fruit Ladoos

I am sharing my personal experience with Ragi, that made me a strong believer of this grain. 

As a child I remember my grandmother telling me stories of how she would make Ragi Mudde (in kannada) /Ragi Ball every day. The family would have this each morning and leave to school or work and would just not feel hungry for 5-6 hours. Its almost 10 times richer in calcium than rice or wheat. Its complex carbohydrates and fibre content makes the body spend a lot of calories just to digest it. And this is why I have heard a lot of actresses eat Ragi regularly to stay in shape too.

Now coming to me, during my pregnancy, since I was not such a big fan of milk or calcium pills (these would make me constipated). I ensured to have 1 big Ragi ball everyday with my favorite curry to meet my daily calcium requirement. I had no back or knee pains in my pregnancy journey. 

Post delivery, I was hungry like crazy, as so much of food was going to my baby through breast milk. So I had to eat so much. Initially, put on a lot of weight with all the extra ghee added to my diet. But yes, once the weight started showing significantly, it was time to make a change. So I was back on the ragi ball diet for 3 months - A big palm sized ragi ball with a curry, was enough to keep me filled for a long time and burn some extra calories to help me lose weight naturally :-)

So, despite its many many healthy benefits, Ragi is still absent on our plates and I hope to help you include Ragi in your family foods as regularly as possible through these simple & quick recipes.

Please do drop your feedback once you make these recipes. Ask me questions or share your stories. I would love to hear them

Lots of Love,


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