Brand Deals - Play Art Chunkies from Dabble & Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millet Porridge Mix 200g

A great combo of Dabble - Play Art Chunkies and Early Foods - Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millet Porridge Mix 200g.

Choose Healthy Eating and Healthy Play

Pack 1 - Dabble - Play Art Crayons

Baby's First Play Art Crayons for 1+ Years

Non-Toxic Organic Beeswax Crayons in 3 Fun Shapes

  • Easy Grip
  • Fun Shapes
  • Doesn't break easily

Why Dabble?

Let the reds roar, the blues blow horns, the greens grow and the yellows yell.
Hurray! Our art products are toxin-free, chemical-free, worry-free for you mommas and papas.
Made with earth-friendly ingredients that are child-safe,
they let kids make friends with colours.

Pack 2 - Early Foods - Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millet Porridge Mix 200g

Recommended for little ones ready for all grains & nuts.

  • Freshly prepared porridge mix once you order online. Because little children need fresh food for maximum nutrition
  • Made from Organically Certified Whole Grains. Ingredients include Organic Ragi/ Finger Millet/ Naachni, Kodo Millet, Foxtail Millet, Moong Daal/Green Lentils, Bajra, White Rice, Dates, Almonds, Lotus Seeds/Makhana, Cardamom and nothing else.
  • Cooks within 5 Mins. Best for those early morning breakfasts that not only needs to be quick but filling & healthy too.
  • No Salt, Sugar, Milk Powder (Vegan). A No Junk Promise and 100% chemical free food.
  • No Preservatives or Artificial Flavours. Shelf life is of 4 months from MFD


Organic Ragi/Finger Millet/Naachni, Kodo Millet, Foxtail Millet, Bajra/Pearl Millet, Little Millet, Dates, Almonds, Lotus Seeds/Makhana, Watermelon Seeds, Cardamom

No added sugar or salt or milk powder. No preservatives, colors or artificial flavours.

Shelf Life: Best before 4 months from MFD. Best to store in a dry steel or glass container in a refrigerator.