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Organic Porridges

Sprouted Ragi & Makhana Porridge Mix

Meal time is easier & yummier with Ragi Porridge Mix with the goodness of Makhana or Lotus Seeds, inspired by Traditional Indian Wisdom
It’s a Stage 1 food, best for kids who are just starting solids. The ingredients are simple & easy to digest for little tummies. Easy to cook ragi malt.

Sprouted Ragi/Naachni/Finger Millet 60%, Kodo Millet/Kodra/Varagu 20%, Lotus Seeds/Makhana 10%, Yellow Moong Dal 9.5%, Cardamom 0.5% & nothing else.

The ingredients all add up to 100%, and there is nothing to hide. No secrets. No Junk. Because a mom deserves to know :-)

Regular cereals or Porridge Mixes,

* Contain highly processed milk powder
* Is manufactured several months ago
* Contain Maltodextrin, refined sugar, hydrogenated fats, emulsifiers, starches & thickeners

Early Foods porridges are simple, traditional & 100% clean

* Freshly made everyday in small batches
* Made from traditional ingredients from an Indian kitchen, zero additives
* No Milk Powder, Salt, Sugar or Maltodextrin

Ragi or Naachni is an ancient millet known for its high calcium and fibre. Ragi cereal for kids has 10x more Calcium than regular rice or wheat. Blending it with Makhana makes it a nutrient dense meal.

* Creamy Porridge - Cook with water or milk, ready in 5 mins
* Instant Dosa/Pancake - Make a batter with water, salt, spices and make crispy dosa
* Roll into Laddoos - Roast it with ghee, jaggery and nuts powder and make yummy laddoos. Homemade foods are best for your little ones :-)

      Transfer into a clean container once you open the pack. No refrigeration needed.

      Shelf life is 4 months from the date of manufacturing.