Protein Powder - Sunflower, Watermelon & Pumpkin Seeds 150g

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A natural protein nourishment for pregnant & breast-feeding women.

Enjoy the tasty and healthy chutney powder made from 3 different seeds (sunflower, watermelon & pumpkin seeds) with every meal. 2-3 tablespoons of protein power meets ~15% of your daily protein requirement. 

How to use:
- Have it with Dosa or Idlis
- Most delicious with rice, dal and a spoon of ghee
- Add it to curd or raita instead of salt
- Use in making masala parathas
- Or just add it to your favorite curry or dal while cooking

Sunflower seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut, Red Chillies & Himalayan Rock Salt. No preservatives, colours or artificial flavours.

Shelf life:                                                                                                                               Use before 2 months from MFD . Best to store in a dry steel or glass container in a refrigerator.