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Organic Food for Expectant & New Moms

New Mom Box, Post-Partum Care Ultimate Kit

New Mom Box, Post-Partum Care Ultimate Kit Consists of 9 Products freshly made using Traditional Recipes.


- Spice Mix For Moms, 150g

- Almond Drink Mix 200g

- Ragi Sesame Laddoos, 250g

- Dry Ginger Laddoos, 250g

- Gond & Dry Fruits Laddoos, 250g

- Curry Leaves & Almond Chutney Powder, 150g

- Pumpkin Seeds & Flax Seeds Chutney Powder, 150g

- Ajwain Saunf & Jeera Drink, 150g

- Foxtail Millet & Walnut Jaggery Cookies, 150g



- Freshly handmade Spice mix & Ajwain Saunf Jeera drink for nursing moms for first 40 days.

- Chutney powders were recipes smartly made by our Indian grandma's to complete the micro nutrient deficiencies. Being inspired by this food wisdom, we have created delicious chutney powders from flax seeds, sesame, almonds, curry leaves, pumpkin seeds with a little spice, salt and hing.

- Freshly handmade laddoos using traditional recipe for nursing moms



Chutney Powders and Laddoos are rich in Calcium, Iron, Proteins

A power pack combination of dry fruits and seeds needed for that extra nutrition and immunity.



 Spice Mix For Moms:

Ingredients includes Dry Ginger 57%, Long pepper/pippali 29%, turmeric 14% & nothing else

Almond Drink Mix:

Mishri/Kallu Sakkare, Dates Powder 28%, Almonds 21%, Dry Ginger, Turmeric & Cardamom.

- Ragi Sesame Laddoos:

Ingredients include Dates 33%, Ragi/Finger Millet 19%, Almonds 19%, Sesame Seeds/Til 9%, Cashew 9%, A2 Ghee 9%, Cinnamon and nothing else

- Dry Ginger Laddoos: 

Ingredients include Dates 36%, Jowar/Sorghum 18%, Almonds 19%, Cashe 9%, A2 Ghee 9%, Sesame Seeds/Til 5%, Dry ginger 5% and nothing else

- Gond & Dry Fruits Laddoos:

Ingredients include Dates 43%, Almonds 30%, Cashew 13%, Gond/Dink/Edible Gum 9%, A2 Ghee 5% nothing else

Curry Leaves & Almond Chutney Powder:

Ingredients include Almonds 54%, curry leaves 18%, sunflower seeds 18%, Red chilli powder, rock salt, wood pressed coconut oil, hing and nothing else

- Pumpkin Seeds & Flax Seeds Chutney Powder:

Ingredients include Flax seeds 44%, pumpkin seeds 44%, curry leaves, red chilli powder, rock salt, wood pressed coconut oil, hing and nothing else

- Ajwain, Saunf & Jeera Drink Mix:

Ingredients include Ajwain/carrom seeds 31%, Jeera/cumin 31%, Sauf/fennel seeds 31%, Shatapushpa/Dill seeds 7% & nothing else

- Foxtail Millet & Walnut Jaggery Cookies:

Ingredients include Butter 22%, Powdered Dry Fruits & Seeds 18% (Dates, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts 4%), Foxtail Millet 12%, Jaggery 19%, Little Millet/Saame 9%, Jowar 9%, Barley, Hand-pounded Rice, Nutmeg and nothing else


How to use:

Spice mix can be used as a replacement for chilly powder in all your savory dishes like Dal, sambar, gravies, khichdi, upma, etc.

Mix 1 tbsp chutney powder with hot rice and ghee. Roll them into rice balls and enjoy. Mix 1tbsp sesame oil with 1tbsp chutney powder to make dip for your idlis or just enjoy 1tblsp chutney powder as a side dish with your every meal.

Just mix 2-3 spoons of the Almond Drink Mix powder in a warm or cold glass of milk and enjoy the drink. You can even add it to kheer, sheera, or any sweet preparations you make to enrich the nutrition value naturally.

Shelf Life & Storage Information:

After opening the pack, immediately transfer into a clean, dry, airtight stainless steel or glass  container. Keep it in a cool dry place or in a refrigerator. Since there are no preservatives, please use it within 1 month of opening the pack.