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Millet Rava & Rice

Sprouted Ragi Millet Rava

Freshly Made Ready to Cook Multipurpose Rava Mix.

Why Moms love Early Foods:

  • Made from ancient Indian Super Foods

  • We make really small batches of food each day. So you can always feed super fresh meals.

  • Grandma inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing

  • No Preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors. All Natural

Important Cooking Tips:

 Millet to Water Ratio:

Millets are dry bay nature, so they need 30% more water to cook. Every cup of millet rava needs at least 4-5 cups of water if you are making Upma or Sheera/Kesari Bath, Halwa. Kheer/Payasam needs 30% more milk than your regular recipe.


Ingredients include 100% Whole Ragi Millet. The grains are soaked for 6 hours, sprouted, dried, roasted and then processed into Rava.

How To Use:

You can make your favorite Upma, Sheera or Kesari bath, Rava kheer/Payasam by just replacing regular suji with millet rava.

Cooking time: 

Millets are denser grains than rice/wheat and need an extra 10 minutes time to cook on a low to medium flame.

Shelf Life:

Best before 4 months from MFD. Since there are no preservatives, please use it within one month or expiry date, whichever is earlier.

Storage Instructions:

After opening this pack, immediately transfer into a clean, dry container. Keep it in a cool dry place or in a refrigerator.