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Family Nutrition

Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

* Coldpressed - Woodpressed, extracted without heat

* Single-filtered oil 
* No solvents used for extraction
* No bleaching agents to remove colour or odour

Coconut oil is traditionally used for both cooking and skin/hair care widely in India. Here are some ways you can use it

* Deep Fry - Coconut oils high smoking point makes it appropriate for frying dishes, especially desserts. Banana chips are popularly fried in Coconut oil

* Tempering/Sauting - Use the oil to give a tadka for all your dishes. It gives a lovely flavour and fragrance especially for south Indian dishes.

* Head Massage - One of the best oils for conditioning the hair and hair growth. 

* Skin Care - One of the best moisturizer's for your skin. Massage and take a bath, or apply on areas you feel dry. Coconut oil has medicinal properties too and is also used to apply on skin issues, rashes etc.