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Family Nutrition

Wood Pressed Sesame Oil

Wood Pressed Sesame oil - Also known as the King of Oils :-) 

* Coldpressed - Woodpressed, extracted without heat
* Single-filtered oil 
* No solvents used for extraction
* No bleaching agents to remove colour or odour

Sesame oil is what is recommended for a daily massage or Abhyanga. Winter is coming and this is the best time to get them. And here are some ways you can use it

* Pregnant Mothers - Breast and tummy massage every day during pregnancy. It helps open up any blocked ducts in the breast and helps skin gently expand to accommodate the growing baby. 

* Post-Delivery - Sesame oil is anti-Vata and it's best recommended to massage your whole body with this oil. Known to reduce knee pains, back pains and the huge hair fall people struggle with post-delivery.

* Kids Massage: Massage your little one every day. Just a 10 min oil massage can help strengthen their bones and muscles. 

* Abhyanga for everyone: A general massage oil for everyone, whether you are the mother or the father, young or old. This was our anti-aging ritual :-)

* Pickles: Add them to your homemade mango, lemon, and amla pickles

* Idli and Dosas: Relish it with chutney powders or gun powders as its called in the south with Idlis and Dosas